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Cybersecurity & Business Resiliency

SCG offers a range of cybersecurity and business resiliency consulting services. We'll guide you through business continuity / disaster recovery planning / testing and preparation, privacy compliance, risk mitigation, and even provide Fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) services. We are the team to help you build in the resiliency to operate in this digital world with confidence.

Cyber Strategy

Count on us to develop the cybersecurity strategy you need. We work closely with you to align a strategy to your business priorities. These high level strategies lead to the detailed plans that you and your team will implement. 

Privacy Compliance

In 2018, privacy became a mandate that no business can avoid. Count on SCG to develop the policies and processes, and to train your organization to make the most of it. 

Risk Mitigation

Your strategy turned into a plan becomes your risk mitigation program. Here, we work to eliminate or minimize risks to your business, identifying risk levels and prioritize the focus of your plan. 

Assessment, Gap Analysis, & Roadmap

Gap analysis is the outcome of an assessment, which first requires a process called "tailoring." During this process, we select and define security controls of applicable security standards. It's about your business risks and placing an emphasis on critical business functions. The roadmap is a plan that shows you where to start, phasing the projects, determining costs, and meeting compliance requirements. We'll also develop a schedule that fits your business's financial situation. 

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Every company and organization needs proper planning and preparation for continuity and disaster recovery. We have extensive inventory in this area and can provide the guidance you need. 

Fractional CISO

If you need a CISO but can't afford a full-time role, we can help. We provide a professional solution that's affordable and tailored to meet your needs. 

Crisis Management

SCG can serve as your crisis management team. We'll handle the preparation and the team to guide you through managing an incident. 

Training & Education

We say that it all starts with the Board and the C-Suite. From there, everything needs to become a part of the organizational culture. We'll provide the training and education you need.