Solaris Consulting Group

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Global Reach

Global companies need partners who have the same global reach. SCG has the experience to work with companies around the world, no matter where they're located. Our team members have worked in the Americas, Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Australia, and Europe. We will travel as needed.


Being comfortable working in the many cultures that meet across the globe is essential to gain trust and solve the challenges of business data security and business resilience. There is a know-how for oeprating in the theater of many cultures, learning the customs, figuring out ways to work together with a single code of ethics. This is why the SCG experience counts.


While we primarily work in English, including in our published books and papers, we can also work in other languages. Of course we work in the technical language, but we also speak Spanish, French, and German to support customers the world over.

Corporations & Government

We focus primarily on commercial businesses, but we also have deep experience supporting government organizations at the state, local, federal, and education levels

Contracting With Us

We work two ways: directly with clients and through partners. The first step is to exchange non-disclosure agreements. We have our own or can use a client-provided agreement. The second step in the work agreement, covering a proposal that complies with your contracting requirements,

We also work through partner relationships. Our partners permit us to reach clients in existing relationships that can benefit from the SCG expertise. These relationships include working with other teams to fill niche gaps or to expand scope.