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About Us

SCG is all about cybersecurity, and we bring first-hand experience to assist the corporate leadership in solving compliance, risk management, and disaster recovery. Privacy was a major focus during 2018, and continues to be a focus thanks to the proliferation of regulations like GPDR. Critical infrastructure protection is almost important. These two areas are where we excel.

Our team has worked in some of the most demanding, challenging organization. These include Fortune 100 companies, the White House, the FBI, and for small firms with high-profile missions. Today, we're a group of experts that have been there and served in critical roles and, today, your reputation and your business are the focus of our work.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the experts you call for cybersecurity and risk management challenges.

Mission Statement

Solaris Consulting Group serves corporate clients with expert cybersecurity consulting services designed to place their business in a position of operational and business resilience.

Experience Counts

Our team of seasoned experts have served in senior roles, earned their stripes, and succeeded. The individual members are experts in their own specialties and rely on the other team members to bring the full range of cybersecurity solutions for our clients.

Value Propositions

To know the present-state of your cybersecurity is absolutely essential in todays' cyber-threat environment. Knowing your gaps is the first step to correcting and improving. Security assessments, gap analysis, and roadmaps to fix the gaps serve this purpose.

Knowing what is important, where to focus, how to prepare for the "what if disaster strikes", and how to follow the roadmap is the difference maker that comes with experience. SCG are the experts in cybersecurity you need to take you from assessments through risk management, preparedness, compliance, and more. We'll guide you, lead the project, or even act as a fractional CISO to get you prepared and compliant.

Here's the bottom line - a cyber crisis will impact your business if it hasn't already. The impact can go from disruptive to existential. Asking the questions when your entire business is down and the FBI is calling is not the right time. Ask the questions now. We know the questions to ask and the answers that are needed. We have the know-how that leads to understanding and the wisdom for operating in cyberspace that only comes with experience.