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Cybersecurity and Business Resiliency Consulting

Cybersecurity and Business Resiliency. These terms convey an important meaning. It’s “about the business.” We, who are in this industry, need to keep that in focus. These businesses and their counterparts in government must strike that balance where cost is a critical factor and downtime is simply unacceptable. That is where Solaris Consulting Group (SCG) comes in. Our team members have decades of experience providing for this balance and creating business resiliency. It’s why our tag line is also simple, Experience Counts! Our services are listed here: business continuity / disaster recovery, privacy and security regulatory challenges, assessments, strategy and roadmaps including fractional CISO offering to help our clients.

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About SCG

Solaris Consulting Group is a team of cybersecurity, business continuity / disaster recovery senior consultants. Each member is an expert in their specialization. What we share in common is a passion for cybersecurity and extensive experience in the trenches of the roles that now allow us to bring this expertise to our clients. Carlos Solari, founder and Managing Director notes that, “Our experience is the heart our offering. This is a senior team, deeply expert but also with the business acumen that is often missing from technologists."

SCG has global reach: multilingual, multicultural, able to work easily with your leadership teams wherever they may operate, including your Board of Directors. This team is geared to solve the challenges of today’s cyber threats and help clients create the necessary business resiliency required for operation in high cyber-threat environments. Founder and Managing Director Carlos Solari, by example served in the US Army, FBI executive and from 2002-2005 was the CIO for the White House in the administration of George W. Bush. If you're looking for deep expertise and background in demanding cybersecurity roles, you'll find it here. Contact us today for trusted cybersecurity / BC / DR consulting solutions.


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